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The Bouwen met Bouma's Foundation

The foundation originated from the Bouma family, living in Nijlan, a village in the Dutch province Fryslan. A son of the family worked as a missionary/priest in Zambia from 1993 till 2016. In 2005 some of his brothers conceived a plan to roll up their sleeves in Zambia as well.

A foundation was founded in 2005 and ever since a number of volunteers from The Netherlands work every year on small building projects for six weeks in Zambia. In the past years amongst others a kitchen at a orphans house, a small hospital ward, a shelter for pregnant women and a school for disabled children were built. Next to this the foundation built classrooms in several villages.

Apart of the volunteers a shipping container with goods (clothing, laptops, sewing machines, books, etc.) will be sent to Zambia this year as well.

The foundation was founded in Fryslan, but now it has fanned out across The Netherlands. Every year the foundation receives by spontaneous donations about  40,000 euro. And the goods for the shipping container which will be shipped to Zambia are coming from across the entire country.