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Adventures of Herman

Are dogs able to distinguish colours?
Near our guest house lives a dog, occasionally he accompanies  when we go for a walk. The dog follows the car when we drive to our work, he lies with us when we have some time to relax after a long day of hard work. Sometimes he even come to my office and lies obediently under my desk.

He has this behaviour for a couple of years now. Maybe you are wondering why is this so special? He only does it with white people! De owner of the dog was a white man and he left him here with Victor to care for the dog.

The question arises: is he able to see whether we are white? He can smell it for sure, but you donít need a dog nose for that.

It is quite devious to buy a SIM card. Firstly you have to register your purchase and to do so you need to have a copy of your passport. No worries, help right in the store. The lady behind the desk examines my passport, looks at me, another look at the document and then she asks me, with some doubt, whether the date of birth in my passport is correct.  Of course the date of birth is correct! 

My day could not be better, thatís clear.