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Bread and water

Friday July 17th – Power supply
We live on bread and water today. No, we’re not sitting behind bars and don’t wear orange jumpsuits with ‘prisoner’ on the back. We’re just eating our breakfast. Zambia has some issues with the power supply. A dam has been built in the Kariba River, but the water level in the river is too low to generate sufficient power. That’s why we are without electricity now. 

Electricity utility Zesco has wisely decided to divide to available supply over the country. To do so Zambia is split up in different zones. Every zone gets a  daily power cut of  five hours. The moment of the power cut varies every day. Today there is no power between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., so now coffee or fried eggs this morning. 

To make it a bit clear for Zesco’s customers the company uses is the same schedule every week. So next week we will be on bread and water too. Not a major problem, a bit inconvenient at the most. On some days we only can have our dinner as late as 8.30 p.m.

A message by Herman from Kaoma where no cloud can be seen. He greets, on behalf of Johan, Mans and Harm, all followers.