bouwen met Bouma's

Builder get started

Monday July 6th Kashokoto, Zambia
Last Monday July 6th, Harm Vleems, Johan Achttien, Mans Hailtel and Herman Bouma departed to Zambia. They will stay there for six weeks to build a school with three classrooms in Kashokoto. Over a month ago people there already started with the building process. The took it easy so there would be some work left for the Dutch crew. 

The connections with Zambia could be better. Often there is no internet connection available and everyday there are several power cuts. Luckily the people over here know when the power cuts are, they are announced in advance. But in the meantime we have received the first pictures and stories. The welcome was fine the corporation within the Dutch crew and with Zambians is good.  

Follow us on  Facebook! Herman tries to post pictures and status updates, but as told before the internet connection is not very stable. The pictures are available through this site as well.