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Johannes Bouma

Johannes Bouma (1930) was born as the third son in a catholic family of thirteen in Nijlân, a village in the Dutch Province Fryslân. As a young boy Johannes already knew that he wanted to become a missionary. He was educated at the minor seminary of the Congregation of Missionaries of Mariannhill in a town called Acren in the province of Limburg. He entered the congregation in 1952. In 1957 Johannes Bouma became priest, but it would take another eleven years before he became a missionary. He went to South-Africa where he would work for nearly 25 years. 

To Zambia
In 1993 he was reassigned to Zambia. The first three years he worked in the northern parts, after that in Lusaka and in the end in Koamo located in the Western Province. Four of Johannes brothers arrived in 2006 in Kaoma to build the Home Based Care ‘Regina House’ for the community of Kaoma.

Since hy reached his emeritus status Johannes lived in Makeni (nearby Lusaka) in a house at the Mariannhill education site.

Back to the Netherlands

In July 2016 Johannes left Zambia definitly and returned to the Netherlands (Arcen)