bouwen met Bouma's

Limata in the Netherlands

Mr Martin Limata is with his wife a few weeks in the Netherlands. They will stay here until 12 October. The program consists largely of rest and visiting of special places. On Sundays they are present in celebrations in Reahūs, it Hearrenfean, Harmelen and Dronryp.

Mr Limata is not only Chairman of the Board of BmB Kaoma but is also initiator, controller and organizer. Under his leadership, the Administration will looking for projects that can be executed. This involves, among other things, looked at self-motivation. If a project is approved from Netherlands begins the actual work of planning and controlling construction materials, cement, sand, stone baking etc. If eventually with construction starts he is also supervisor. Our Foundation is Mr Limata very greatly indebted for all the work he does for us in the community of Kaoma. We hope that he, along with his wife, has a pleasant stay in the Netherlands.