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Project 2017 Longe

In 2017 three classrooms will be built in Longe. Three classrooms were already built in 2013 and the intention was to build another three classrooms during the year. However, there was no permission to break down the existing classrooms. It took a lot of effort, but the school is demolished and three new classrooms are being built this year. At least two more classrooms are required in order to accommodate all children. Possibly this could be realized in 2018.

The quality of the bricks is very good due to the heavy rainfall in January and February. The bricks were produced during these months and it is essential the bricks do not dry too quickly. In April, the construction began and it is expected that the classrooms will be ready in July and can be transferred to the government.

On June 23, Antoon Haagen and Piet Mous went to Zambia. Herman Bouma is already in Kaoma. Antoon and Nico do not have to help with constructing the school. They will teach young construction workers the tricks of the trade. Under the motto: Learn to do it myself!