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Lottery results

Anniversary celebration, Sunday May 17th 
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, BmB organized a lottery. Solicitor Aalderse Baas has carried out the draw on May 13th. The results were published during the anniversary celebrations on May 17th.

  50 Frans Posset - Dronryp 
  50 Geartsje Hemstra - Snits 
  50 W. Smit - Harmelen 
  50 Eef Bruinsma - Warns 
  100 Rikie Haarsma - Bakhuzen 
  100 Jeanette Hettinga - Burchwert 
  100 Alwin Boele - Drachten 
  100 Alya Assen - Emmen 
  100 C. Pellekoorn - Boskoop 
 weekend touring in cabrio: Aukje Schellens - Wommels 
 weekend Terschelling: J. Meer - Dronryp 
 2 weeks in holiday house in Ommen: Sieger Schotanus - Bakhuzen
 olympic bike: Harry Hiemstra - it Hearrenfean

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all those people who bought a ticket. When you did not win a prize, then please remember the real winners of this lottery are the children in Kaoma. The net result of the lottery was 7268.25. A wonderful result!